Neerav modi make a brand fraud case in America as well
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Neerav modi make a brand fraud case in America as well

September 8th, 2018 at 10:56 am by Yogesh Dwivedi

An economic offense in the United States has made India’s case stronger against the absconding businessman Neerav Modi. In the US investigating bankruptcy law, three bankrupt companies have come under arrest, whose wire is directly related to Neerav Modi.

John Carney, who is investigating bankruptcy cases in America, has claimed in his report that Neerav Modi has made many fake transactions through Shell companies. Modi took round tripping and many fake transactions while taking the support of Firestar Diamond Inc., A Jafe Inc. and Fantasy Inc.In his report, John Carney has exposed the fraudulent transactions of billions of dollars by Nirv Modi.

In one of these cases, Carney has said that Neerav Modi turned a diamond of 3 carats between his shell companies so much that the price of diamonds has increased manifold within just 5 weeks. According to the report, Neerav Modi bought and sold a diamond at least four times between his shell companies in just 5 weeks in 2011. John Carney has claimed that Neerav Modi sold the diamond of this three carrot to Firearshar Diamond first and then sent it to the Hong Kong-based Fancy Creation Company. After this, the diamond was exported to the company named Solar Exports, and later this diamond was once sold to Firestar Diamond.


Yogesh Dwivedi September 8, 2018 10:56 am

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